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Migrating from /etc/passwd to LDAP authentication.

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Migrating from /etc/passwd to LDAP authentication.

Hello everyone, I'm deploying a SAS Grid, 3 metadata/middle nodes in quorum and 5 compute nodes.  In my pre-installation checklist, it says that if your system uses an authentication other than /etc/passwd or /etc/shadowm you must configure authentication before you being your SAS software deployment. ... We are not ready to use our LDAP for this SAS Grid deployment, yet.  How hard would it be to convert our system to use LDAP from /etc/passwd? Would I have to rebuild my setup?  Thanks for the insights.

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Re: Migrating from /etc/passwd to LDAP authentication.


It would not be that difficult to change the authentication method one you are ready to use LDAP.

SAS Has 3 options for authentication,

1. PW (Which uses the OS Authentication relying on /etc/passwd)

2. PAM


If you have the connection details for your LDAP server, you can choose LDAP method and update the configuration accordingly.

This method, however requires you to provide the credentials of the SAS Installer account to access LDAP server.

PAM is the most simple and versatile way to authenticate. You can use it to authenticate against LDAP or AD, as long as your OS is configured to authenticate against LDAP or AD. your UNIX admins can setup PAM on the servers and SAS can use PAM.


Here is a SAS Note that can guide you and the unix admins to configure PAM for SAS.

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Re: Migrating from /etc/passwd to LDAP authentication.

It is not hard to convert the authentication from /etc/passwd to LDAP. It
requires changes to few files in your SAS Foundation Directory. You can
proceed with /etc/passwd as your authentication.

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