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Metadata detail extraction

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Metadata detail extraction

Hi All,


Need a help on metadata extraction of SAS Management console.
As we know, in the schedule manager, we have the flows and deployed jobs in each of them.

Now, I am working on migration of data from SAS 9.2 to 9.4. But since migration is done over a long amount of time,we have many updates to the deployed jobs in the old environment.

We might have version updates of exisitng jobs in 9.2, for example, the code which was earlier pointing to /sas/mycode/ may now point to /sas/mycode/


So, I wish to create a report with the flowname, deployed name job, Filename it points to. Then I will generate that reports on both environments and we can compare easily on the updates.

From the front end of Management Console, we can get all those properties from the 'Scheduling details' of the deployed job.

Please can I get somehelp with which macro can be suited for this? I know we have lot of SAS provided macro programs like mdudextr or mdsecds ; I am struggling to find that suits my requirement.

Thank you in advance.




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Re: Metadata detail extraction

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Hi Mark,


Have a look at the SAS 9.x language Interface to Metadata, it has examples on how to extract information from your Metadata server and generating reports.


To get yourself familiar with the hierarchy on how/where data is stored, try executing the metabrowse command in the commandBar of your SAS DMS (Classic SAS) session, the command would display a window for SAS Metadata Server Configuration, once you supply the required info, you would File Explorer window displaying the internal representation of the stored metadata.


Hope this helps,


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Re: Metadata detail extraction

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the job names you could get with the proc metadata IOM call  <Type>Job</Type> 

An example could be

proc metadata in=
 </GetMetadataObjects>" out=outfile;


Please note that this is just an "as is" to provide an example

I am not sure that there is an option which would provide you with all the info you are looking for.


Maybe this gives you a pointer what could be possible:


Else, you could address this with TS.





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Re: Metadata detail extraction

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Start programming the metadata interface is imo awkward and seems like a sub optimize operation especially when this is probably not a reoccurring requirement.
How many jobs/flows are we talking about?
I guess that your 9.4 isn't in production, perhaps redo the complete Metadata migration could be an alternative?
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Re: Metadata detail extraction

I have abt 30 flows and am looking at about 900 deployed jobs in all of them.Yes,9.4 is still not live. We do not want to redo the whole thing again - its too much !.  It is because, after we export to 9.4, there is a need to check and realign the timeevent in every flow to that of the new env which takes time.


So, if not a manual process of checking almost every job; I want to come up with a program for this detail which infact can be very useful to check if the latest version of codes are present in both the environments at any point of time.  I am trying to find my luck if one of the macros contain the sas file name detail as well somewhere in them. Its just that we need to dig them out.

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Re: Metadata detail extraction

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Bell Canada had a similar issue presented here:



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