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Metadata Reporting - How to obtain 'Last Modified by'

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Metadata Reporting - How to obtain 'Last Modified by'

Hello all,


Recently, I've been building a few reports using the metadata DATA STEP functions whilst referring to the SAS Metadata Model: Reference.


It seems that not all of the metadata types are obvious to someone new to the model - sometimes it seems that you need to know where to look.


Please could someone point me in the direction of how to link a metadata object (like job, table, JFJob etc) to who last modified that object?


Thanks in advance

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Re: Metadata Reporting - How to obtain 'Last Modified by'

It seems the Metadata model won't give you this piece of information for every object, albeit only for a few of them

like Reports, Jobs etc. which keep an association with a Person object as Author. Even with them, I am not sure

the "authorship" keeps track of the last Person, perhaps only the one who has created the object.

This model might not have beed designed primarily to be used like a versioning repository like SVN, GitHub etc

I am not a regular user of the OMI, so don't hesitate to correct me if I'm wrong .

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Re: Metadata Reporting - How to obtain 'Last Modified by'

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As Ronan mentioned, you can sometimes get this information (from ResponsibleParty metadata) but for only those SAS components that populate it. To get more complete information you need to look at the SAS metadata server logs, or if you have it enabled, the SAS Environment Manager Service Architecture APM data mart tables.

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