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Logic help

hi alldy

I have 3 years month on month  of data in my data file. in which year 3 is dynamic I mean that this year the user may enter for month as he wants. we are automating the total code but I was struck in file importing how to import the file columns dynamically.

for exampleI if he want report for the year 2014 mar. he will have  data from jan12 dec13 jan14 feb14. because he runs in march. if he runs in april he must have march data. how to create infile statement to fulfil his need.

jan13-dec13 jan 14 feb14 jan12-dec12.

if he runs in aprilj jan13-dec13 jan14 feb14 mar14 jan12-dec12.

the data is extracting from cube. user may give month as he required when importing the file how to create infile statement and create those columns dynamically.

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Re: Logic help

Your question is unclear, sample data and output are preferred. I'd also suggest posting in a different area, this isn't related to SAS Deployment.

It sounds like you're trying to read dynamically from a text file which also sounds strange to me.

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