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List of supported drivers

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List of supported drivers

Hello all.  Is there a listing that shows latest supported driver versions (for ACCESS/ODBC at least)?  For example, what is the latest MS SQL SRVR driver version supported by SAS (use with ACCESS/ODBC)?


So far my search has failed.


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Re: List of supported drivers

As far as I know, the functioning of SAS/ACCESS to ODBC is not that sensitive to driver versions. At least, not to the point that there would be an exhaustive list of drivers/versions supported.  That's kind of the point of ODBC -- it's a protocol that if complied with, it should just work.  I would hope that the most recent SQL Server driver (13.1, I think) should be okay.


You might need a specific driver version to support a proper connection/feature to a specific version of your database (ex: specific driver for some feature in Oracle 12c), but the SAS/ACCESS part should work with whatever driver you have making that connection.



Are you looking at Azure-hosted data? Might be some special considerations -- post back with specific questions if you run into challenges. 


With SAS on Windows, you do need the bitness to match -- 64-bit SAS needs to use the 64-bit version of an ODBC driver.

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Re: List of supported drivers

Please be aware that different versions of ODBC drivers may not behave exactly the same. I would recommend rigorously testing new drivers prior to rolling them out. 

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Re: List of supported drivers

Thank you all who took the time to reply. I was looking for a listing of current version of different ODBC drivers. Good points shared. I thank you!
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