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List of references for SAS administrators

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List of references for SAS administrators

Christina Harvey wrote a blog post that links to lots of references for SAS administrators.  These are great references. You can check them out here   A few of you have already added your ideas to the list.  Do you have others?

What would you recommend to someone taking on the SAS administration role?

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Re: List of references for SAS administrators

I think if someone is taking on the SAS administration role I would recommend for them to understand and define what that role entails. Greg Nelson eloquently describes the various roles of a SAS administrator: strategy, architecture, installation, monitoring, maintenance and support. He has a fantastic mind map outlining these roles which he includes in his blog post A day in the life of a SAS Administrator: Understanding the roles we play - SAS Users

The role of a SAS administration in one organization may require all of these skills and in another organization there may be a team of SAS administrators where each member specializes in a specific area. I think it's important for a SAS administrator to identify what role they play and then to make use of the variety of references and resources with the potential to extend into other areas in the future...

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Re: List of references for SAS administrators

Thank y'all. All of the resources listed are incredibly helpful.

Greg is no stranger to lots of SAS admins, I still have his paper from PharmSUG.


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