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List of SAS products for 9.3?

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List of SAS products for 9.3?

Does anyone know of a list that descibes all the different bits and pieces that are installed?  I just did my first test install for 9.3 and without selecting everything, I have 99 items listed.

Many are very obvious (like Base SAS and SAS/ETS), but many are a compete mystery to me. For example, I have no idea what "SAS Diagram Control" or "Data Step to DS2 Translator" means.

Some items are obviously associated with other "products" and some are "stand alone" applications (like SAS Management Console).

The reason I'm asking is because SAS software is installed without a plan file (using the "Install SAS Foundation and Related Software" button in the Deployment Manager), so we must select the appropriate components for each user; we license different modules in different quantities and I manage the usage counts. 

My goal would be to understand which specific "products" or :"components" (or whatever they are called) should be installed for a particular user.  A simple "refereence" card that described every item would be very useful.  It would have been nice if clicking the little "info" icon brought up a description, but that just links to some "system requirements" pages at SAS.  For example, I clicked the button next to "Report Fonts for Client" and it displayed 22 documents on various topics (not named anything about "Report Fonts").

It's probably a minor request, but I'd sure appreciate any info.

Thanks in advance, and thanks especially to SAS for creating this forum!!!


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List of SAS products for 9.3?

Unfortunately (or if you read Dilbert this morning - "As it turns out..." Smiley Happy), SAS doesn't currently have such an all-encompassing product list with descriptions for each.

As you've noted, if you've got a BI order from which you're installing SAS Foundation products and/or standalone client applications, you'll be faced with a long list of all products/components which appear in your order.  Obviously only a small subset of these "products" make sense to install outside of a "Planned Deployment," but we include all in the list to support advanced debugging/remediation scenarios.  For the most part, users going through the "Install SAS Foundation and Related Software" option on the main SAS Deployment Wizard menu are interested in either installing SAS Foundation, or end-user clients.  That's why those two options are presented in the pull-down menu at the top of the product selection dialog which appears in this scenario ("SAS Foundation and related software" and "Clients only").

Selecting either of these two menu pull-downs trims the products to be installed to a much smaller number, and hopefully to ones which are more easily identified as to purpose (e.g., SAS Foundation, Enterprise Guide, etc.).  There's no doubting the other products muddy the waters here, and in fact are the very reason we created that drop-down box at the top.

All this said, I agree that the "i"nformation icons should do a better job of taking you to product-specific information, and we'll chew on that here in R&D.

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