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LSF Daemons and Object Spawner

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LSF Daemons and Object Spawner



We have SAS Grid Environment. could someone please let me know how to find out if LSF Daemons and Object Spawners are configured in ego?

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Re: LSF Daemons and Object Spawner

LSF s/b configured OOB to do that.  It also helps to have a master candidate set up for LSF.  You can shut down the daemons and see if EGO starts them back up.  It should try to do that.  For SAS Object Spawner, it is best to set it up using the High Availability tile in SAS Environment Manager Grid Manager Module available starting in SAS9.4M3


Here is a link for EGO testing.



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Re: LSF Daemons and Object Spawner

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You need to login to the egosh first ( for example: egosh user logon -u Admin -x Password123)

then run  egosh service list -l


This will give you a listing of all the services ego is controlling.  You should see something like "ObjectSpawner" if you've configured it as a restart-able service.


Here's the syntax for all the egosh commands: 


You can then use the following to manage the service:

egosh service [start|stop] <ServiceName>




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