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LSF Access

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LSF Access



Just need to understand , how the user restriction for LSF to be defined in SMC.


Currently there are two users I have created in SMC. After scheduling the flow in SMC and in flow manager , I want one of the user can re run the job in LSF/flow manager and I don't want another user to re run the job if there is a failure. I want this user to view the login to flowmanager and view the schedule.


Is there any group already defined in SMC for this specific requirement?


Thank in Advance.

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Re: LSF Access

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To define users to be able to rerun flows (but not create or delete them) you can define them as JS_CONTROL_ADMINS. This is done in the js.conf file. See for details. Other users will not be able to do this unless they are defined in JS_ADMINS or the owner of the flow, but they will be able to view the flows.


Be sure to restart jfd after making changes to js.conf.


Hope this helps,

- Jan.

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Re: LSF Access

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