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Kernel Resource initialization failed

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Kernel Resource initialization failed

Hello people, 


I've just installed SAS 9.4M3 on Windows 8.1 (64 Bit). 

As I am trying to start SAS the first time, I've got the following error message: 


ERROR: The ENCODING option value specified is invalid in a SBCS SAS environment.
ERROR: SAS-Kern kann nicht initialisiert werden.


Does anyone of you have a solution and/or can give me hints to circumvent this issue? 


Best regards 




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Re: Kernel Resource initialization failed

You try to start a single-byte instance of SAS with an encoding value that mandates the double-byte capable SAS.


For instance, our SAS executable is


which is a symbolic link that points to


If we wanted to run, say, UTF-8 encoding, we would need to run



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Re: Kernel Resource initialization failed


   The message means your data or language is not a Single Byte Character Set.  It may be that UTF-8 is what you need.  


  Try following the directions in tis SAS Note: 


If that helps you may need to change your sasv9.cfg to point to the UTF-8 version permanately.  If that does not work you may have to install UTF8 languages.  I cannot tell from just the error message.  

You may want  to open a Track to SAS Technical Support if you need help re-installing. 





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Re: Kernel Resource initialization failed

Hi KurtBremser, hi Andy547, 


Sorry for my late answer!


Your hints helped to get SAS started, but coming with a new message

concerning OLE: 

"Object's class is not registered in the registratin database. The application 

necessary to activate this object is unavailable. Would you like to convert 

it to or activate it as another type of object using Convert ... ?" 


What does this mean?


Would it be better to completely reinstall the SAS System? 



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Re: Kernel Resource initialization failed

New question/problem, new thread.
That said, installation issues like this is often best handled by SAS tech support.
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