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Java: Finding .jar Files in 9.2 Installation

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Java: Finding .jar Files in 9.2 Installation


We are upgrading from SAS 9.1.3 to Version 9.2
One of our Applications works like "JavaClient on PC" =>calls=> "JavaApplication on JBossServer" =>invokes via IntegrationTechnologies=> "SAS Session on WinServer"

The Java Version is not part of the upgrade and stays the same: jre1.5.0_12

I found out that the old JavaClasses we used have been updated:
Document "Installation Instructions: SAS Foundation Services (Version 1.4)"
Funny: Although they are V8-jar-Files they worked with SAS 9.1.3

I found most of the new .jar-Files in my SAS-PC-Client Installation at "C:\Program Files\SAS\SAS92\JavaApplets\" and in various Folders on the WinServer Installation.

But two Files do not exist at all:
- sas.iom.prx.sasmqx.jar
I even searched the V9.2 Software Depot and did not find them.

My Questions:
Do I have to use the new .jar-Files at all? Version 9.1.3 worked well with the old ones.
Where would I find the two .jar Files mentionned?

Thanks and - sorry, I'm not a Java man at all...
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Re: Java: Finding .jar Files in 9.2 Installation


I recommend that you send your question directly to

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Re: Java: Finding .jar Files in 9.2 Installation

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I moved this to the Deployment community during the upgrade.

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