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JRE version needs to be changed.

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JRE version needs to be changed.



During installation instead of choosing the default version i had chosen JRE 1.7 64bit but now I need to change JRE version to the default one as it's not compatible with the applications. Attached is the screen shot.

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Re: JRE version needs to be changed.

Not sure what the question is here?  I would have thought that JRE is backward compatible.  The only thing I can think of is the 32bit versus 64bit swapover, that may trip you up.  Have you tried clicking yes on that box, it may install fine.  If not, Google that particular verion of JRE, install it on the machine you need to , then run the installation, and select that folder (or choose the install recommended JRE radio box).

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Re: JRE version needs to be changed.

Have a look at the Third-Party Software Requirements for Use with SAS® Software and Applications

It will guide on which JRE and where you can get from.


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Re: JRE version needs to be changed.



you could just change some configuration files, but I would not advise this pat to you, only to really experienced guys with SAS.


For you:


- remove your current configuration, and your installation.

- install the new Java as already avised above.

- ensure it is working just fine by typing Java --version (probably you will need your JAVA_HOME and the addtion in PATH variables.

- re-install (don't forget the hotfixes) and re-configure pointing to the new JRE.

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