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Issues with SASHFADD

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Issues with SASHFADD

Hello everyone,


I have an issue with the SASHFADDwn.exe file when I downloaded and ran from the below link

When I ran and unzip the file SASHFADDwn.exe on my pc, the files generated shoud be normally SASHFADD.exe and SASHFADD.cfg. but the files actually not generating with proper extensions, the SASHFADD is generating without any .exe extension and SASHFADD.cfg even though its generated with extension .cfg,the file looks like its not editable.

please find attached how these files looks like.


am not understanding where the problem is 

I would really appreciate if anyone can assist me with this issue


Thanks everyone on advance

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Re: Issues with SASHFADD

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About the extensions, any chance that your windows explorer is configured to hide your known file extensions?


About to edit the file, first I don't think you will need to edit the cfg, but in case you really need:

1- try to open the notepad then go to Open and select the cfg to open it...

2- if you right click on the cfg file, select Open with... Then select notepad, notepad++ or your favourite txt file editor

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