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Issues in Running SASUniversity using VMWare Player

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Issues in Running SASUniversity using VMWare Player

I have installed VMware Player for Windows and loaded SAS University edition for VMware on it.

I used it successfully while in office.

I am now logged in from home using WIFI.

The application once loaded starts fine, but when I try to start the app in IE. It does not load.

What could be the issue? Any help here would be great.

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Re: Issues in Running SASUniversity using VMWare Player

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well, I am not sure about other colleagues here, but I still cannot understand, exactly the problem.

So there are 2 situations/status: you working in the office and you working at home. At first sight I would not say there should be a difference...

What I don;t understand is what exactly means "the application once loaded starts fine". Do you mean that the VM machine is UP and it is showing the message that you can start making use of it and it shows the URL?

I don;t understant what you mean when "it does not load". Any message in your IE or the VM?

By the way, what I would check:

- is the VM installed on your computer/laptop on both situations? Same installation?

- do you wait until the VM is fully started and it shows the URL?

- do you delete the browser cache (IE)?

- if any of this works: do you have any specific configuration on your VMWare Player to be attached to any of your network cards? Is it making use of NAT?

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