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Issue with SAS Studio session - version 3.5

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Issue with SAS Studio session - version 3.5

Hi All,


I am a regular user of SAS Studio ver 3.5, basic edition. I am accessing it from both Internet Explorer, ver 11 / Mozilla Firefox, ver 49. Somehow the session gets closed while i updating the code or running in interactive mode or if I just login for some time.


Till now I have tried:

- Clearing cookies in browser.

- Clearing SAS studio profile on the server

- Admin team has verified SAS studio logs and object spawner logs. They could not find anything there. It just leaves a note that session closed.

-Both IE and firefox versions that I am using are supported versions.


Can anyone please suggest what else can be done, as none of my colleagues are getting a similar issue.

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Re: Issue with SAS Studio session - version 3.5

Hello @keane76,


if you have long runnign jobs, it is possible that the web session can get a timeout. Also, I consider there might be network problems/timeout. I have seen something like that before with other applications (not only SAS).


Perhaps those threads might be able to help you:


Anyway, maybe you would need to share the question with SAS Technical Support. or even get a SAS techical consultat on-site to make the analysis for you.

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