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Is there a way to send a message to EG User?

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Is there a way to send a message to EG User?

Hi, guys!

     I'm a SAS Administrator, I've changed something about SAS Server, and I want to send a message to All EG Users about what they should do. Because ther are lots of SAS users, I can't call them all. So I'm just trying to figure out a way to send a message when they log on SAS Server through EG.

So, is there a way can do that???Smiley Happy

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Re: Is there a way to send a message to EG User?

Could you not just compile a distribution list of EG users (presumably you have this available in the metadata) and use it to email them. That's what I do when I need to send a message to all our SAS users. It won't be when they log on but as long as they have the information in a timely manner I can't see that this would matter.


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Re: Is there a way to send a message to EG User?

It's not built-in generally. Two general requirements :

1. being able to retrieve each user's email, from the metadata repository (if, by any chance, this information is stored with the user acccount ?) or from the user authentication directory (eg MS Active Directory) using a join with user's id

2. is your SAS computing server configured with SMTP ?

Then two ways I can think of to implement this kind of thing :

A. write a stored process which retrieves the emails list and sends a message to the mailing list : example  36567 - E-mail last error/warning message that were generated during a SAS program

B. Use the publishing framework (SMC Publishing framework plug-in). Rather old-school and a little bit cumbersome.


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Re: Is there a way to send a message to EG User?

When you would have defined the email-addresses in the metadata you could have used the publish option to mail them all or selective groups.
The publishing frame is for information delivery SAS(R) 9.4 Publishing Framework: Developer's Guide The newer approach is selfservice (SAS VA)  where information is extracted retrieved. You could go this way and have your EG users find out theirself what tot do without information from you.

Eguide is started with a SAS -server process. Once the users did see the new-files in their sas-log. This has been hidden by Eguide as also everything with autoexec or config settings. The only hope you are having is that you can configure that SMTP and can derive the email-addresses. Be aware of possible bulkmail options set to some limit to prevent spamming. Sending a lot of mail can be seen as spam.

Don't you have some mailgroup on the mailserver that covers all users, or some community that shares all users or ...  (your messaging doesn't need to be with sas tools) 

/// Agree with Nigel ///

By the way: That sample 37567 is a bad one. It should always mail at the end of as program, but that is only possible when it did not stop/abended as in those cases that datastep will never run.  When it reaches that step/end all code has run correctly.  It is non-informational situation, the common question all good no message only in case of ... That is how schedulers eg LSF are doing it by monitoring a job/program not by modifying it..  

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