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Is AIX 7.2 Supported?

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Is AIX 7.2 Supported?

Good afternoon (if you live in California):


Using Supported Operating Systems, I notice that AIX 7.2 is not mentioned in the dropdown menu or news section.  AIX 7.1 is supported at the A level.


Via a question to this community, I see that at least one person has installed SAS 9.4 on AIX 7.2.  


I am unable to install SAS software that isn't supported by the vendor.  Will there be a formal announcement that AIX 7.2 is supported?


Thank you,

Kim LeBouton

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Re: Is AIX 7.2 Supported?



Yes, it is supported as confirmed under the Operating System section at this link. Minor version updates are supported.

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Re: Is AIX 7.2 Supported?



The tool lists the baseline version of AIX support by the version of SAS.  The "and higher" needs to be added to the baseline version.  So yes, AIX 7.2 is supported.



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