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Installing Sas University Edition

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Installing Sas University Edition

Hi all,

After installing VMware Player for Windows7 64-bits i tried to run the Sas University Edition. But it gives this error message:


And then this:


then i came to know that my CPU type is Intel Pentium P6100 and it does not support Intel Virtualization Technology....

I would really like to install SAS as soon as possible, so please help me. Can this be fixed or is there any alternative?

Thank you in advance,

Indunil Ruhunuhewa

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Re: Installing Sas University Edition

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as far as I know, new versions of SAS (SAS University edition is included, as it is only released with SAS 9.4), are only supporting 64-bit platforms (Operating systems and processors/CPU).

The options you have are:

- upgrade your machine/purchase a new one

- Install and older version of SAS (and pay license costs)

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Re: Installing Sas University Edition

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  There is one other option. You can get a server-based SAS OnDemand for Academics account for independent learners, using SAS Studio. Although there is no installation that requires a 64 bit machine, you can use a browser to access the server using SAS Studio, but the downside of this type of free account is that you must have an Internet connection (a reasonably fast one) to connect to the server. SAS OnDemand for Academics | SAS So that is an alternative.


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Re: Installing Sas University Edition

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Thanks a lot! It worked :smileygrin:

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