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Installing SAS services without reconfiguring

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Installing SAS services without reconfiguring

Hi Team,

We have multiple server architecture like meta/app/etl/web servers.Due to some reason ETL server is down and Operating system has been re installed recently,but SAS configuration still exists.

Now the issue is we need to re install and reconfigure the ETL server completely,but will this effect any other servers?

or we can only install SAS and as configuration directory already exists can we only configure Services(like object spawner,connect and workspace server) which are required?

we don't have back up of response files used for install/configuring the ETL server .

Are they any alternative approach or best approach to get rid of this issue.

SAS version : 9.2M3

Windows 64 bit O/S



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Re: Installing SAS services without reconfiguring

Since you don't have the response files then you you have no option but to install manually. Since your operating system has been re-installed this would be the recommended approach just in case there are differences such as a later OS version or maintenance.

Your current config files may be helpful to guide you in filling out the install responses but you will still have to enter these manually.

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