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Quartz | Level 8



I'm trying to get SAS 9.4 installed on my work laptop. It's a HP 8GB Ram, 2.4 GHz processor (Core I5) with 250 GM Hard drive. 


The operating system is Windows 7. 


Is this possible? I think they tried before and it didn't work but I would be very surprised given the laptops are new.






Rhodochrosite | Level 12
Hopefully it's a 250GB drive and not actually a 250GM drive...seems awfully light. 🙂

Yes, Windows 7 is supported, 64-bit Windows would be preferable.

Obsidian | Level 7

You're talking about a local install of SAS desktop? Yes. Your laptop is a similar spec to what we were using in my organisation till about 2 1/2 years ago, when we moved to server-hosted SAS.


There's a bunch of factors involved in just how good the install-experience will be, and how well SAS will run. Best to install from a Software Depot on a memory-stick, unless you have a really fast network. It also helps if you have all the prerequisites installed prior to running the Deployment Wizard. That saves reboots, and - if the install is going to fail - it's probably something to do with a prerequisite. The Wizard is meant to take care of that, but we've had isolated instances where it didn't.


Hopefully you have an SSD in the laptop. That makes the biggest difference when running SAS locally, especially if you have data and WORK libraries on the SSD. 8GB will be enough RAM, especially if you're running 32-bit Windows 7. If 64-bit, then you may at times benefit from more RAM. Depends what else you're running. And if Windows 7 is x64, it's nicer if Microsoft Office is also x64.

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