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Installation/configuration of Dataflux products in a SAS 9.4 TS1 M1 environment

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Installation/configuration of Dataflux products in a SAS 9.4 TS1 M1 environment

Basis of this question is a SAS Software Depot from 13W51. Amongst others the following (Dataflux) products are included:

  • DataFlux Authentication Server 3.2
  • DataFlux Data Management Server 2.5
  • DataFlux Data Management Studio 2.5
  • DataFlux Web Studio Mid-Tier 2.41
  • DataFlux Web Studio Server 2.41

I have set up the SAS side and are in the process of installing and configuring the Dataflux products. So far I have Dataflux Data Management Studio up and running. However, when trying to set up the Dataflux Web Studio part I run into the following:

In the "Dataflux Data Management Studio 2.5 Administrator's Guide" I read the following:

When you install a Data Management Server, it is configured by default to use a SAS Metadata Server for authentication and authorization. If your site uses a DataFlux Authentication Server instead of a SAS Metadata Server, then see “Configure a DataFlux Authentication Server for Security”.

Additionally I read:

When you install a Data Management Server, the SAS Deployment Wizard sets the value of the configuration option BASE/AUTH_SERVER_LOC to specify the network name and port of the SAS Metadata Server. After installation, the file install-path/etc/app.cfg contains an entry that is similar to this example:


Note: 8651 is the default port number for the SAS Metadata Server. Always use this port number unless it is already in use on the host of the SAS Metadata Server.

The SAS Deployment Wizard also creates a metadata definition for the DataFlux Data Management Server on the SAS Metadata Server. After installation, you can see and control the DataFlux Data Management Server in SAS Management Console or in a newer administrative client.

However, in the "Dataflux Web Studio Installation and Configuration Guide" I read:

The following software is required by Web Studio. If you do not already have this software, you will need to install and configure this software as described in this guide.

DataFlux Authentication Server 3.1. You cannot log in to Web Studio unless you are registered on the Authentication Server. The Authentication Server administrator must create a number of users and groups to support the Web Studio modules. For more information, see Defining Users and Groups on the Authentication Server.

DataFlux Data Management Studio 2.4. All Web Studio modules require a Data Management Platform repository. Only Data Management Studio can create the repository definition file (.RCF file) and create a new repository in the location that is specified in the definition file. Also, Dashboard Viewer, Monitor Viewer, and Business Data Network depend on components in Data Management Studio.

What I like to have clarified (read: confirmed) is the following:

Do I have to install Dataflux Authentication Server (in my case version 3.2) and re-configure the Data Management Server to use the authentication server instead of the Metadata Server for authentication (which seems a step back IMHO) before I can start installation of Dataflux Web Studio?

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