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Install SAS EG on x64

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Install SAS EG on x64



Sorry if I send my question to this location. I couldn't post it to "Administration and Deployment" and got error.

I've upgraded my PC to x64 and when I try to install SAS EG I'm getting an error:




I've attached the log file.

The java version on my pc is 7.

Do you have any idea what the problem is?



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Re: Install SAS EG on x64

If you can't find any relevant problem notes or similar at, the natural next step is contact SAS Tech support.

Verify that your system natches the system requirements, and you got the right install package.

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Re: Install SAS EG on x64

Contact SAS technical support, and include all log files named.

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Re: Install SAS EG on x64

The MSI installer gave a 1618 return code, which according to the MSI documentation is, "Another installation is already in progress. Complete that installation before proceeding with this install."


It sounds like another MSI installation may be in progress on your machine.  I suggest restarting your machine and try again.


If still no luck (after trying again after a restart), contact tech support.  They'll want your IT_2016-08-23-10.06.17.log and install_eguide_7.1_wx6_en_2016-08-23-10.12.54.log (from C:\Program Files\SASHome\InstallMisc\InstallLogs\).

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