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Implementing mediated access

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Implementing mediated access

We are configuring Mediated Access to arrange all the access to the physical data true the metadata library´s now I followed this instruction.

Only when I open a library in in SAS Enterprise Guide  I get the following error. 


SAS MA error.PNG


If I do a libname statement in Enterprise Guide it shows this in the log so that works.


NOTE: Libref _MA was successfully assigned as follows:
Engine: SPDE
Physical Name: X:\MediatedAccess1\


Only if I open the library I get the same error as in the screenshot. 


If I close the connection and start a new session and first do the libname statement I can open the library without problems. 


Any ideas why we get this error. 




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Re: Implementing mediated access

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Hey Max , @MaxBeijer,


first of all, just based on the documentation:

  • Host access from the stored process server and the pooled workspace server is always mediated.
  • Host access from the standard workspace server is mediated if the server is configured to use SAS token authentication or if the server is providing client-side pooling.


I would say first problem is that you would not have the workspace server set for SAS token authentication.

This also means, that the user (sassrv, or the one for SAS token) would not have the permissions, But in your case, EG is probably confused.


Second, I see the library is actually SPDE. The documentation always refers to SAS tables, I am not 100% sure if this covers SPDE, but I would initially guess that probably SPDE is not supported for mediated access.

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Re: Implementing mediated access

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Hi Juan,


Thanks for your answer. I tested it with a base table and this is working like it should. What was confusing me is that in the instruction there is nothing about spde or base tables. In the instruction for metadata bound libraries it's explicitly mentioned.


So they should change the instructions. 


With kind regards,



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Re: Implementing mediated access

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Hello @MaxBeijer,


I think it is more a question of understanding the text. For me, as fat as it mentions SAS data and SAS tables, and not referring to anything else, the document says exactly that.


Anyway, it seems reasonable to me, that perhaps is a good idea what might NOT be supported, as SPDE. And if it is, what would be the additions to consider.


Have you already open a ticket with SAS Technical Support? I would also make a clear request towards documentation, they can evaluate and move the request to the appropriate team.


Best regards,


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