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How to define queues in for running jobs

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How to define queues in for running jobs

Hi Guys

      Im reading lot of articles to assign queues for users, can you guys let me know how i can define queues for each different teams.

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Re: How to define queues in for running jobs

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Hi @pkatapally

It's always good to assign queues to teams, rather than users.

By default jobs submitted go to Normal queue. However there are other queues like Priority, Short, Night etc. which can be used for specific purposes.

I have seen most of the GRID users are not aware of the default available queues to submit their jobs. It's good if you educate your SAS users about the default queues available and how to submit jobs to those queues.

Kindly check this document for reference on how to submit to specific queue.

if you still wish to create new queues, you can do that in two ways, either by adding entry in lsb.queues file which is present at location - LSFCONFIG/conf/lsbatch/cluster_XYZ/configdir/lsb.queues

or using Platform RTM. Check step 4 in below blog post on how to create using RTM.

Hope this helps.

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