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How to chage the Http port numbers

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How to chage the Http port numbers

during configuration SAS, I check port 80 (for SAS web server HTTP port) and I found it busy so, I change it into 87. after complete SAS configuration I was surprised that port 87 restricted ports in browsers( google chrome and firefox ) and it need to manually setting to make those browsers allows to HTTP with port 87 work. So, I needed to make browsers setting on all PC's that used SAS (it is headache).  So how I can change the HTTP port from 87 to 83.

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Re: How to chage the Http port numbers

Hi, it is documented here:


Just skip the parts of HTTPS and secured.


Wouldn't you prefer to re-deploy?

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Re: How to chage the Http port numbers

If you haven't already done so it is best practice to compile a complete list of SAS-used ports and what number they will be allocated as part of your SAS installation design. You can then consult with your IT network guys to ensure that there will be no clashes.

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Re: How to chage the Http port numbers

This points to a deeper problem. You already have a HTTP server running that listens on port 80.

Make a decision:

a) integrate SAS with the existing HTTP server

b) remove the existing server and integrate the data into the HTTP server installed by SAS


I personally think that it is a bad idea to have two different HTTP servers (not two instances of the same server SW) running on one system

I also think that it was a bad idea of the SAS people to use some obscure proprietary fork of apache instead of using the real thing.

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