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How do I redeploy SAS DI Studio Jobs in v4.9

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How do I redeploy SAS DI Studio Jobs in v4.9


We are recently upgrading from SAS 9.2 to sas 9.4. I believe the stores procedures are different in these versions and the di studio jobs need to be redeployed. How do I do this?



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Re: How do I redeploy SAS DI Studio Jobs in v4.9


from the following doc, post-migration steps:



Redeploy Jobs for Scheduling

All jobs that were deployed for scheduling or were deployed as stored processes should be redeployed in the SAS 9.4 environment. From the SAS Data Integration Studio desktop, you can select Toolsthen selectRedeploy Jobs for Scheduling or Toolsthen selectRedeploy Jobs to Stored Processes.



Does that help?




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Re: How do I redeploy SAS DI Studio Jobs in v4.9

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Thanks Anja,

So here are the steps I followed in order to migrate a sas di studio job from v4.21 to v4.9 and execute it succesfully -

1. export the job out of v4.21 and create a package (.spk file)

2. import the .spk file into v4.9 and overwrite the previous version

3.create a 9.3 stored process (with no additional input as in prompts or things like that)

4. deploy the di studio job using the menu options when i right click the sas di studio job

5.deploy the newly created stored process

6. open up the stored process and save the code


none of the options 4 -6 seem to update the code on the server though. I still see the code base as the old version but the di studio job having being updated. What do you think I may have missed?


Actually I really do not care about the stored processes as such. My main concern is whenever I update the di studio job and save it, the physical code base should get automatically get updated and vice versa (if there is an option at all).




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Re: How do I redeploy SAS DI Studio Jobs in v4.9

Not sure why you are mixing DI Studio deployed jobs and Stored Process in the same logical flow, it's confusing if they are not directly related?
Deploymentof DI Studio jobs is usually a quite stable function and you should be fronted with an error message if unsuccessful.
Are you sure that you are looking at the right location? Open the properties of the deployed job object to verify the physical path to the .Sas file.
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Re: How do I redeploy SAS DI Studio Jobs in v4.9

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Hello @saspert,


I had the same impression as @LinusH that some terms and versions are a bit confussed (althought I might be wrong). Did you find any oportunity to read what @anja shared with you?

The thing is:


- DI Jobs are jobs store just in metadata. When you save a DI job, it will be saved on the metadata only, not on any physical location.

- To "save"  your job in the physical location, you need to do the actual "Deploy" or "Redeploy" option. You can find those options right-clicking your job and on the Deploy option.


Also, about that "viceversa" comment: if you make any manual modification on the deployed job (the code on the physical location), this action will definetly not update your DI job and you will create an icoherence between the metadata job (DI job) and the deployed job (sas code/file). I would strongly recommend not to manually update SAS code generated by DI Studio.


Hope this helps.
Best regards,


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Re: How do I redeploy SAS DI Studio Jobs in v4.9

Posted in reply to JuanS_OCS

@JuanEs I think you understood my dilemma a bit better than others. I did read what anya pointed out. Now, to answer @LinusH question, I had to use stored process to deploy the di studio job onto the physical server.


Now the issue is when I tried different ways to deploy the di studio job onto the server, I do not see the timestamp for the .sas program on the server getting updated. I tried different ways -

1. create a new 9.3 stored process and deploy

2. open up options menu and deploy selected stored processes


but neither of them seemed to work.




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