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How do I install a hot fix for 9.2?

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How do I install a hot fix for 9.2?


I have sas 9.2 (64 bit) and I'm trying to install the following hotfix: Hot Fixes for SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files 9.3_M1 in order to read stata files. I have downloaded a ZIP file, but I don't know what to do with it.

If someone can provide simple instructions for how to install a hot fix, I would appreciate it.

Thanks much.

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Re: How do I install a hot fix for 9.2?

I assume you want to patch SAS on Windows (Win 7 or Win 8).

1. Exit all SAS sessions, stop every SAS services or Clients running on your machine

for services, launch the Services Manager by typing "services.msc" in a command line

2. Launch a System Command windows as Administrator (Right-Click then Run as Administrator).

3. Execute the following command (the SASRoot folder path may vary with your system) :

"c:\Program Files (x86)\SAS93\SASDeploymentManager\9.3\sasdm.exe"

4. Select "Apply Hot Fixes" and follow the instructions

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