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Hadoop and SAS

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Hadoop and SAS

Hi, gone through the config guides and a couple of articles by Stuart Rogers on SAS and Hadoop...not entirely sure/clear if Kerberos is required on the SAS (Client) server...obviously it's a must on the Hadoop cluster. Anyone, can share some insight. TIA

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Re: Hadoop and SAS

Hi 'fatcat',


To get a more detailed answer you'd need to share details of your underlying technical architecture and use cases, in particular:


  • what operating systems do you have SAS installed on (provide details for all machines);
  • what SAS software do you have installed on your server machines and desktop clients;
  • what requirements are you aiming to satisy through the use of kerberos?

As Stuart mentions in his blog series  there is a need to have a joined up approach for membership of computers and users across 1 or more domains.


If you are using Enterprise Miner 14.1 (9.4M3) with kerberos, then please contact Technical Support to obtain latest information on how to configure the delegated authentication component.


Thanks, Simon



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