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Grid processing in SAS Miner never starts

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Grid processing in SAS Miner never starts



I am currently having a problem with my company SAS Miner deployment. After creating a diagram and running it, the first steps of the diagram (Data Source creation and Data Partition) run almost immediatly, but the modelling nodes (More specifically, Gradient Boosting Tasks) don't start at all. 


They keep SAS Miner busy, with a running icon over each node, but listing the active jobs on the grid server (Using LSF bjobs or even unix ps over each server) returns nothing. The grid server name never appear below the node.


Sometimes, after hours (And I mean, 5 or 6 hours) the processing starts and proceeds as normal. The problem is affecting some users on my organization but not all.


Have anyone had any similar issues? Any help would be appreciatted.

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Re: Grid processing in SAS Miner never starts

Just some random thoughts....


If you say processing does proceed normally at times...Do you have any policies on LSF that makes certain queues process at certain times ?


Are you using Grid launched workspace servers ? If so, be careful that no Grid options are set by the users in their EM projects, rather let the administrator set system defaults since they manage the Grid as a whole.


Do you use any Grid option sets ?

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