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Grid manager plug-in options are not responding

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Grid manager plug-in options are not responding

In SMC 9.4 when expanded grid-manager plug-in and choose any of the 3 options Job Information, Host Information, Queue Information. SMC will be struck. We can do anything we have to force kill it. We checked LSF services, grid services everything is up and running. 


Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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Re: Grid manager plug-in options are not responding

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Try stopping and starting Grid Management Service (gabd) on the Grid Control Server. The service must be started by the root account in Unix operating systems

/platform/lsf/gms/bin/gaadmin stop
/platform/lsf/gms/bin/gaadmin start


If that doesn't resolve the issue, provide additional information including:

What operating system(s) does the environment have?

What type of authentication is being used in the environment? 

What user is logged into SAS Management Console when the behavior happens? Does it happen with all users or just certain users? 

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