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Grid Option Set not taking effect

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Grid Option Set not taking effect

Hi team,


I've configured a simple Grid Options Set that simply says "If Metadata group=abc then set LSF queue=xyz"


If I add my individual metadata identity to the Grid Option Set mapping all works 100%. However, if I add a Metadata group that I'm part of, the Grid Options Set is ignored. So it seems like the Grid Options Set recognises me as an individual, but not part of a group.


This is not ideal since we control access based on groups.


Any ideas ?



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Re: Grid Option Set not taking effect

What version on you on?

Can you confirm if there are any conflicting settings that might be overriding the option? Or maybe conflicting group memberships?
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Re: Grid Option Set not taking effect

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Thanks @Timmy2383


It's SAS 9.4 M3


There are no conflicts, I checked. Although there are other Grid Option Sets defined, the only one that can affect me is the new one I'm creating.

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