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Grid Manager in SAS Management Console 9.4

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Grid Manager in SAS Management Console 9.4



We have an environment and that involves Grid Controller and Grid Nodes.


I have installed SAS Management console 9.4M4 to monitor the job slots available in the Grid. But I could not able to see Grid Manager Plugin in SAS Management Console.


But When I'm  using the Grid via Web services (url) , I can able to see the information for my ID created in metadata.


Is something an additional permission has to be provided in order to view the plugin?? 


Thanks in Advance.

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Re: Grid Manager in SAS Management Console 9.4

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Hello @Helannivas,


as you well said, you will need to install SAS Management Console and the appropriate plugins. SMC does not come by default with all of the plugins, just some. In your case, you will need to install the Grid Manager Plugin, again as you said. When you install with SDW (setup), and select individual products to install, you will be able to select it in the clients, and install it.

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