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Force software update in SAS Deployment Wizard

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Force software update in SAS Deployment Wizard

Hi all,


During the update of SAS 9.4 M4 on Windows x64, the SDW got some error on the config update. I aborted to investigate, but I want t attemp the update again. However, since the software update went through ok, I'm not getting prompted to do the configuration update.


Is there a way to force the SDW to go into update mode ? The -help option doesn't show anything, so this might be one of those unpublished features of the SDW like -console was back in the years.




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Re: Force software update in SAS Deployment Wizard

Hi nhvdwalt,


You can run the SAS Deployment Manager task "update existing configuration".   Instructions can be found in the SAS 9.4 Intelligence Platfrom Installation and Configuration Guide section "Configure Updated or Upgraded SAS Products"


You didn't say what the configuration failure was or how you resolved it.  If you encounter a failure when running the SAS Deployment Manager to update the configuration - at the same step or a step prior to the original failure - I recommend that you contact SAS Technical Support who can help to identify the cause of the failure.   


I hope everything goes well with your update.






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Re: Force software update in SAS Deployment Wizard

Posted in reply to michele_sas

Thanks Michele,


I found the feature as you mentioned.


It seems like the software update is ok, but on the configuration for the SAS Environment Manager Agent, it fails. The only error I get is 'An unexpected error has occured' I get this on all the tiers.


Thanks for the tip Smiley Happy




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