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Exit code in LSF

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Exit code in LSF

Hi All,


Many times, we are getting exit code 102 in platform lsf v9.1 on SAS 9.4 grid env. It does not repeat for few jobs (when run on next day) but is persistent for other jobs.


Could I please get help to resolve this issue.




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Re: Exit code in LSF

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I suggest that this type of problem is best progressed with SAS Tech Support if you haven't done so already. From my own experience LSF errors are tricky to diagnose.

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Re: Exit code in LSF

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Can you see what hosts the jobs are being submitted to? I had an issue with Platform Process Manager and LSF submitting jobs to non-compute nodes in my grid. I had to create a queue for batch jobs, associate only compute nodes with the queue and then make sure flow properties were set so it would submit to that queue. Not sure if this is the same issue you're having, though.
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Re: Exit code in LSF

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this not is not directly related to your issue, but it should be able to give you and SAS Technical Suppport additional insight than a plain exit code 102.


Problem Note 50749: Submitting a SAS® job to a SAS® grid environment might fail with the error "Could not Start Grid Job":


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Re: Exit code in LSF

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When sasgsub returns an RC=102, chances are that you are trying to run it with the -GRIDSASOPTS parameter to pass in values to the sas program that you're trying to execute.


Here is the correct syntax for that:


sasgsub -GRIDSUBMITPGM ~/ -GRIDSASOPTS "(-sysparm "arg1")" -GRIDWAITRESULTS -GRIDWORK /sas/gridwork


Note the double quoting around the brackets then again around the actual argument.


You probably were trying to use a variation like one of the ones below, which do NOT work and will give you the sasgsub/lsf RC=102 exit code.


sasgsub -GRIDSUBMITPGM ~/ -GRIDSASOPTS "(sysparm arg1)" -GRIDWAITRESULTS -GRIDWORK /sas/gridwork

sasgsub -GRIDSUBMITPGM ~/ -GRIDSASOPTS 'sysparm arg1' -GRIDWAITRESULTS -GRIDWORK /sas/gridwork

sasgsub -GRIDSUBMITPGM ~/ -GRIDSASOPTS "sysparm arg1" -GRIDWAITRESULTS -GRIDWORK /sas/gridwork

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