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Error Message Bypass

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Error Message Bypass

Hi All:

I'm asking this question here because this seems to be the best place for it ....

We use CONNECT to establish a session with a z/OS mainframe.  The SAS licence on the mainframe is now in

"warning" mode (because they have not yet renewed) and is generating a pile of messages when the SAS

session is started.  Because of this, the "SESSION ESTABLISHED" message is not received - it is on the next

screen which is never seen - and the session fails.

Does anyone know how to update the script (TSOCMSIP.SCR) to fix this error....??

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Re: Error Message Bypass

I suggest you refer to the CONNECT documentation for the scripting statements. I think there is a WAITFOR type statement that you will need to modify to add a condition to trap the text 'WARNING', then you can send a "clear screen" to get to the SESSION ESTABLISHED message. You can also add TRACE and ECHO statements to your script to help you figure out what changes to make. 

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