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Environment Manager Reports

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Environment Manager Reports

We believe that Environment Manager is finally set up (which took a long time in itself) and now we are looking at the reports we now have available. We are curious ... what are your top 10 reports that you use as an Administrator? Also, is it typical that some reports report zero observations (thinking that we could still have an issue within Environment Manager)?

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Re: Environment Manager Reports

I'd also be interested in everyone's favorite reports under Report Center, so I encourage others to respond.


As to your question about reports showing zero observations, this is expected behavior in many situations.  I've clipped a related paragraph from the SAS Environment Manager's User's Guide below (italics added):


Note: Some reports might be blank, even though SAS Environment Manager is working properly. If data has not been generated that a report depends on, then the report will be blank. For example, a report that displays metadata activity will contain data only if there has been any activity on the SAS Metadata Server. If a report is blank, you can verify that the report is being generated properly by performing an activity that will generate data for the report. For example, to verify a metadata activity report, you could perform an action that would cause a metadata change, such as creating a user definition in metadata.


If you continue to experience blank reports which you feel should be populated, you should make sure you've got the SAS Environment Manager agent running on all your machines which host SAS server processes.

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