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Distributed Test Environement

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Distributed Test Environement

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We are setting up the sas distributed Test env for SAS VA. Could you please advise how much disc space required for the same.


OS                             Redhat Linux 6.1(Virtual server1,2 3, and 4)









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Re: Distributed Test Environement

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Hello @japsas100,


excellent question. Specially since you are installing a distributed version of SAS Visual Analytics and, therefore, the stakeholders will be closely looking for the best performance, I would get a good sizing proposal from SAS (from the SAS Excellence Center - EEC) by contacting directly your SAS account manager. And surely I would not take any advise from external parties, even if they are based on experience (of course those advises can be taken if performance and reliability are not priority 1 concerns. After all, they are your systems/servers).


Here I would like to share with you a good post created by @MargaretC, explaining the reasoning and indications to get a good quality sizing, plus how the whole process work, on simple words.


I hope it may help you.



Kind regards,





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