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Differences between .egp and .sas files

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Differences between .egp and .sas files


We are with a current process of listing out the usage of SAS with respect to usage. For which we are with a task of listing out all .sas and .egp files and reviewing the same on a whole.


Questions on the same:


  1. We are more curious to understand if there is an actual difference between .sas and .egp files. There is wide usage of SAS Enterprise guide in our current environment. Usage of SAS Studio or Base SAS is limited. With that said, will every ‘.egp’ file include a ‘.sas’ with it. If we are listing out ‘.sas’ file separately, will it also include the ‘.egp’ files ?
  2. We are trying to focus on PROC (Procedure) usage from both ‘.sas’ and ‘.egp’ . We were able to pull out all the PROCs used from ‘.sas’ list , but is it also possible to do the same from ‘.egp’ list . If yes , how do we do that ?  Can you help us with any specific SAS codes for the usage?

 Appreciate your support!!

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Re: Differences between .egp and .sas files

Yes there is a difference between .sas and .egp file. As you may have discovered .sas files are text files that contain SAS code (data steps and procs etc). An .egp file is a binary Enterprise Guide Project zip file that contains information about the project that may or may not have references to .sas programs. Built-in tasks might be used to run code and notes etc. So to answer your questions: every ‘.egp’ file may or may not include a ‘.sas’ with it. A .sas file will not include an .egp but it may be included/referenced in an .egp file.


If you want to search for a particular string across multiple .egp files I'd suggest to look at @ChrisHemedinger's egp search tool (the EG-Project-Search-inator!) to see if this helps


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Re: Differences between .egp and .sas files

As @MichelleHomes already mentioned, the difference is considerable. For most practical purposes, the .sas format is to be preferred for storing SAS programs.

A .sas only needs SAS to run, and can be used on any platform; .egp files need EG and Windows.

.sas files can readily be integrated in a versioning system; .egp files can't.

.sas files can be searched/manipulated by a plethora of text tools (especially on UNIX); .egp files can't


If you'd have stored your programs as .sas only, searching for procs and the like would be much easier and efficient.

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Re: Differences between .egp and .sas files

Hello @sram4790,


I think you received great indications from @MichelleHomes first and @KurtBremser, so almost nothing from me to add.


I cannot fully understand the second point about the PROCs but, indeed, there is a big difference. Also because EGP creates flows and dependencies between different objects, such as SAS code, reports, tables, etc. This means EGP will call SAS code/files and other elements.


Secondly, I would give a chance to SAS Studio. It is improving a lot, and I personally think it is the future for the coop working with SAS, way more structure with the snippets, easier running of jobs, etc. Also, because with SAS Studio you can make any flow as SAS code easier that with EGP, so it should be more understandable by any SAS programmer.


And last but not the least. I think you would have a better audience for your question on the SAS Enterprise Guide community. Would you mind if we move your post to that community?


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Re: Differences between .egp and .sas files

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The only thing I have to add is that if you are looking at .sas programs and .egp projects to find out what PROCs are being actively used then you might want to look at the ARM Performance Reports / Resource Procedure Usage report (or associated data mart table) from SAS Environment Manager Report Center.  This is based on the actual execution of PROCs regardless of their source (.sas, .egp, code dynamically generated by clients). For more info see Using the Report Center in the SAS Environment Manager 2.5: User's Guide.

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Re: Differences between .egp and .sas files

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It has been my experience using three very large unix clusters running EG that non programmers gravitate to EG projects while SAS programmers use .sas. You could at least do an analysis of what your SAS programmers are using. Also almost all  server EG SAS programmers also have 'full' SAS on there workstations/laptops.


Because of the extensive mouse surfing in EG, buliding stored processes...,  I expect it would be hard to  get 'proc' usage by polling non SAS programmers.

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Re: Differences between .egp and .sas files

Please advise whether your questions have been answered or if you require further assistance. If the question is solved, please mark it as solved so others can benefit from the thread.




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