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Quartz | Level 8

Currently we are using SAS9.4 M6 which is running on the operating system Red hat Linux 7.9 Version. We are in planning phase to reinvest on the New Linux Servers 8/9, with Latest maintenance release and planning to go with same old architecture (2 Servers for Environment).

As a part of the pre-Study, we need couple of clarifications/suggestion on below points.


  1. When is the Expected date of SAS9.4 M8 Release.
  2. For the Port numbers like, I guess we can use the same port numbers in new environment (to use in configuration time) which are currently present in the 9.4M6? If not, please advise on this.
  3. What are the different challenges respective to these migrations, which we should keep in mind.


If you have any latest documents or links to our upgrade plan, pls share us.

SAS Employee

Great news.  SAS 9.4 M8 starts shipping on 31JAN2023.  


Please stay tuned for information regarding this new maintenance release.  This will include:


  • security updates
  • updated baselines for RHEL (must be at RHEL 7.5 or higher).  And with M8, SAS 9.4 supports RHEL 9.1.
  • list of SAS Solutions that are available initially with M8, soon after M8 ships, or will never be available on M8.

Thanks for the interest.  And keep the questions coming.


Quartz | Level 8
updated baselines for RHEL (must be at RHEL 7.5 or higher). And with M8, SAS 9.4 supports RHEL 9.1. ----> "Do you mean SAS 9.4 M8 will only be supported with RHEL 9.1? "
SAS Employee

No, SAS 9.4 M8 will run on RHEL 7.5 or higher, 8.1 or higher and 9.1 or higher.  

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