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Deploying SAS via SCCM with full automation

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Deploying SAS via SCCM with full automation

Hi, A Newbie trying to deploy SAS.
Trying to deploy via SCCM 2012 R2 SP1. I am able to install the software manually and by using the paritial prompt and response file.
Best Practices say it is not wise to include the username and password for an admin, but if its absolutely necessary then I'l l have to put something in disable the account when not in used, etc.
Can anyone share there experiences deploying SAS 9.3 in SCCM? or ideas/workarounds to get it to install. I have also read that it may be a good idea to separate ou the prerequisite files to a separate packages so it does not need to download for those computers that have them already installed.
Any pointers on this? I have read the dosumentation but it doesnt help me much

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Re: Deploying SAS via SCCM with full automation

Are deploying a full SAS install or just SAS client tools like EG? We found installing 9.3 via SCCM to be quite tricky. The problem is it requires two separate installs, one for the pre-requisites, followed by a re-boot, then the SAS install itself. All this has to be scripted.


In the end we did get it working and I think it is easier to do as just one process instead of trying to split it. 

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Re: Deploying SAS via SCCM with full automation

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Can I ask how you managed to acomplish this? Did you also have to increase the CCMCache for each SCCM client?


TO UPDATE: I am now looking to install this application in a Full Silent Install. Does anyone have any suggestions on account prcatices? I am thinking to have local admin credentials be used for the install in the answer file and will disable the account when not in use..


also can someone pls shed some light on using the below command:

"setup.exe" -quiet -wait -responsefile ""  -restartdomain -restartuserid ADMINUSER -restartpassword P@$$Word


whether this is necessary to specify an account of just use the below command:

"setup.exe" -quiet -wait -responsefile ""  -skipadmincheck


I'm trying to do a full automation which i can deploy using sccm.



below if the answer file:

# Response file for the SAS Deployment Wizard
# Created: Jun 10, 2016 12:25:50 PM
# Responses with multiple options are separated with / characters.

# Select Deployment Task
# Select the deployment task you would like to perform.

# Specify SAS Home
# Specify the location where SAS software will be installed on this machine.
#SAS_HOME=<full path>
SAS_HOME=C:\Program Files\SASHome

# Select Deployment Type
# Select the type of deployment you want to perform.

# Select Products to Install
# Select the products you want to install on this machine.

# Select SAS Enterprise Guide Mode
# Select which mode of SAS Enterprise Guide to install.

# Select SAS Foundation Products
# Further customize the software by selecting the SAS Foundation products to install.
#SASFOUNDATION_SELECTION=<comma delimited SAS Foundation (MVA) product codes>

# Specify SAS Installation Data File
# Specify the full path to your SAS installation data file.
#SAS_INSTALLATION_DATA=<full path to file>

# Select Language Support
# Select the languages for your software to support.
#LANGUAGE_SELECTION=<comma delimited language codes>

# Select Regional Settings
# Select the appropriate regional settings for your SAS software.
#REGION_SETTING=<region setting code>

# Select Java Runtime Environment
# Select a Java Runtime Environment to use with SAS software.
#JRE_PATH=<full path - only if JRE_OPTION=selected>
JRE_PATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_60

# Select Support Option
# Select the support option you want to use.

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