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Deleting a VA Report from Management Console

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Deleting a VA Report from Management Console



I know how I'd do delete one report in Management Console but I'm looking to mass delete a bunch of reports within one folder if they've been created a certain length of time ago. 


We've got a folder in our VA setup for people to "temporarily share and store off", but as we've never found a good way of deleting them, they're just permanently there now and not used bar like the few days they're created.


Is there a way to delete these using code or some script or utility?



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Re: Deleting a VA Report from Management Console

If you need to do it programmatically then you can use the SAS Open Metadata API to find the objects with the appropriate filter criteria and then delete them.


For a manual approach in SAS Management Console, you could try using the Search Tab. You can filter based on type, folder, and date, and then shift/control-click-select a range (or Control-A for all), right-mouse-click and delete the selected items.

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