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DI studio installation

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DI studio installation

how to install SAS DI studio?

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Re: DI studio installation

Hello @mariajohnqwerty,


that is a bit of a generic question, perhaps you can help us by providing some additional details, such as:


are you asking for the client software, or the server?

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Re: DI studio installation

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Hi @mariajohnqwerty

As advised by @JuanS_OCS this is a very generic question and would need more info.

However I assume that this question is related to installation of SAS DI Studio. If you are using a SAS Depot which also has other software products then you would have to only Install the Client products that would appear in the drop down when you launch the SAS Deployment Manager.

Hope this helps.


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Re: DI studio installation

Di studio client in SAS 9.4
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Re: DI studio installation

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Hi @mariajohnqwerty


As mentioned earlier, you would need to use the SAS Deployment Wizard (setup.exe from your downloaded \SAS Software Depot folder).


Then from there, steps are simple.

From the Select Deployment Type window, select Install SAS Foundation and Related Software.



Then from the next window (Select Products to Install), click on the Clear All button then tick SAS Data Integration Studio.



Follow remaining steps and that's it.


Hope that helps.





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