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DI Studio and two separate ws installations

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DI Studio and two separate ws installations


How can I deploy a DI Studio 4.2 generated job without signon-statements on the code if I have two ws defined (for different machines) on my metadata?

DI Studio 3.4 doesn't create this signon..

We are migrating into 4.2 and this has caused us problems.. DI Studio is generating automatically this signon with my user id and password. This is really annoying as I would like to depoloy this job to run in certain machine.

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DI Studio and two separate ws installations

My two Cents (usual caveat)

Before deploying do you see the signon statements....

If So

     These could be generated because the data/library that you have in your job is defined on one of the servers,

     Check if you have selected a server to run for the nodes in your job, generally this is default, however you can force it to run on a particular ws, if this is different to you deployed batch location it will generate signons....

     Check your default server when you generate the code,


so many different posibilities...


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