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Customize SAS ECM field

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Customize SAS ECM field

Hi All,
I need to add new field on ECM case that is created. It will be called Action_taken. This is new field and needs to be added. I have already added this column in Case_live table. User to whom the case is assigned will login and type the action he has taken on case on ECM GUI. After he has finished writing the action, the text added in case should be directly updated in case_live table.
I am unable to update the xml, its giving me error
Case Action_taken is not defined.

Need your help in updating the XML.
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Re: Customize SAS ECM field

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More and more time is passing since I've used ECM and I start to forget things but...

Shouldn't you add custom fields via UDF tables?




ECM uses an Entity-Attribute-Value model and additional columns and even tables should get defined via data and not via structural changes (changes to DDL).

The UDF_DEF tables get used to define virtual tables and columns, the _UDF_<CHAR|NUM|...>_VALUE tables get used to store such user defined columns (for existing or newly defined tables).


I'd be very cautious with DDL changes and should that be possible without breaking ECM then you'd certainly would still have to define the column in some _DEF table and also add it to the _VERSION table.


Below the steps required to customize ECM (found in some in-between outdated training material but should still be valid):

  • Customizing Data Model
  • Customizing UI Definitions
  • Customizing Page Elements
  • Customizing Valid Values
  • Customizing Application Behavior


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