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Connect to Database

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Connect to Database


How to connect database from sas management console and what are the database details required.

Here i have installed sas9.3 in linux server then i have a licence for mysql, oracle, and sqlserver, databases

if any one has any document please share it help me.

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Re: Connect to Database

A good place to start would be here:

There are plently of other useful documents in the same area as this that would be useful - don't hesitate to explore further.

I would recommend you pre-assign all library definitions when you create them in SAS Management Console so they are available to all SAS users automatically regardless of whether they use EG tasks, SAS code etc.

And if you pre-assign then setting the DEFER = YES option is also a good idea to avoid connecting to all external databases everytime you connect to your SAS server.

As best practice, you should also assign all of your permanent SAS libaries in SMC.

Happy administrating!

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Re: Connect to Database

Thank you,

This is for SAS EBI. But if i want to connect sas visual analytics how to do ? Can you please share any other document.

Note:- In sas visual analytics DI is not required.



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Re: Connect to Database

VA (visual Analytics) has the same foundation of SAS EBI.

As a disappointment the configuration/instalaltion documents has been closed, but some remarks are found as: 

SAS(R) 9.4 Intelligence Platform: Desktop Application Administration Guide (office addin to VA)

SAS(R) Visual Analytics 6.2: User's Guide (referring LSF and the naming of the configuration of the EBI)

SAS(R) Visual Analytics 6.2: User's Guide (referring bisecag and sas/accesss)

As these are the same the advice of saskiwi is valid.

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Re: Connect to Database

Thanks Jaap  Smiley Happy

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