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Config problem in SAS Environment Manager

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Config problem in SAS Environment Manager

Hey all, Im facing a probelm in our SAS Env Manager.


Grid1 SAS Deployment Agent 1.0 shows Host Platform as Grid2 instead of Grid1. I'm wondering where this information is picked up and displayed. Any views please?


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Re: Config problem in SAS Environment Manager

I've seen incorrect hostnames in Environment Manager (EV) when machines get cloned from one to another.  You can try the following procedure to correct the situation:


1. Stop the EV Agent service/process ( stop -or- hq-agent.bat stop)

2. Once the agent is completely stopped, delete the agent data directory (…/SASEnvironmentManager/agent.5.8.0-ee/data)

2. Delete the Platform host resource (Grid2) in EV

3. Restart the EV Agent service/process which should rediscover the correctly named host resource (Grid1)


If this doesn't fix the problem, I would recommend opening up a track with Technical Support.

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