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Cloning SAS Mid Tier

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Cloning SAS Mid Tier


I need to clone the SAS mId Tier in another Server for testing purposes.Can you please let me know where all
the new Server/ IP related changes has to be made .

We do not intend to reinstall , just to clone to create a new environment.


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Re: Cloning SAS Mid Tier

Check out this post which contains a link about changing hostnames:



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Re: Cloning SAS Mid Tier

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should I understand that "clone" as Virtual Machine clone?


If that is the case, and considering this is just temporal, just for testing:


-  is your middle tier is on a very separated VM server from the SAS compute and SAS Meta (meaning, no other effect than changing location of Middle tier)

- do you have single sign on on the web, or HTTPS/SSL on the web (meaning, no certificates)


If the answers are 1: yes, 2: no, then you could try to:


- of course, first a good backup/snapshot.

- stop all the SAS services on all the servers.

- do the clone

- then modify the host files on both servers, in order to "simulate" the dns resolving. Be careful with the ips and multicast addresses that might be stored on configuration files...

- start the SAS services again on the original SAS Metadata and Compute server, and in the cloned Middle tier. 



Note: for the long run, please consider a complete re-deployment, even more than change hostnames. It would save you from lots of hear-attacks during server updates and maintenances.




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