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Cannot import Excel/Access in SAS9.3

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Cannot import Excel/Access in SAS9.3

I want to import Excel file into SAS, but could not find Import option for Excel and Access in SAS9.3.It is very strange.

I have tried through Proc Import and Import Wizard, but could see only CSVs or tab delimited file options.Would I need to install something to get that? Please help me out.

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Re: Cannot import Excel/Access in SAS9.3


Sounds like you don't have SAS/Access Interface to PC Files ( ) licensed. You need this license to import Excel files directly.


proc setinit noalias;


In the log you should see a reference to "SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files". If not this means you don't have it licensed.


As a workaround save your Excel files as either tab delimited or csv files. You can import these files using Base sas.

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Re: Cannot import Excel/Access in SAS9.3


PROC SETINIT will tell you what you have licensed, not what you have installed.  So if it says you have SAS/Access for PC files, talk to your local support folk about getting the additional pieces installed.

Another workaround might be to use Enterprise Guide to read the Excel files.  EGuide is part of Base SAS for 9.3 and includes some of it's own routines for reading Excel (right now, I feel like EGuide has more features for reading 'difficult' Excel files than IMPORT does).

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Re: Cannot import Excel/Access in SAS9.3

Thanks for the responses. Yes, we donot have the licence, so I have used EGuide as an alternative

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