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Batch process slower than sessions?

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Batch process slower than sessions?


I am running under Windows 2008 Server.

I have a batch process scheduled on the Windows task scheduler that takes 2 hours to run.

When I run it on a regular sas session though it only takes 45 minutes.

Any ideas why?

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Re: Batch process slower than sessions?

This question belongs in , or one of the other "Base SAS" forums, I think.

It's difficult to answer your question without seeing the SAS log that results from each scenario.  In batch with no "console", it's possible that there are some operations that take longer (network related, windowing, or other).  The SAS log would reveal the bottleneck, I think.


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Re: Batch process slower than sessions?

You need to find out the differences between the two scenarios.

Add a PROC OPTIONS;RUN; to see if there are any difference in configuration settings.

OPTIONS FULLSTIMER; will help you see in more detail differences in resource consumption.

I presume that you run the exact same program, and it runs on the same machine. And in the same time of day?

If it's a multi-user server, you might want to see the overall resource usage (perfmon/task manager).

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