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Base SAS is not available to install

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Base SAS is not available to install



I've upgraded my computer from x32 to x64 and when I'm running SAS Deployment Wizard to install Base SAS, there is no option to install it in the product list.

In OrderSummary is mentioned that Base SAS is available to be installed. In "product to install" drop down list I've chosen "SAS Foundation and related software". Some of my colleagues upgraded to x64 and they could install Base SAS.


I've contacted SAS support and they checked the license files. I've also sent each screen shot of the installation process that I've undergone and everything was ok but they couldn't help me on this. Do you have any idea that what the problem is?


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Re: Base SAS is not available to install

Did Tech Support offer the option of WebExing into your computer to check it out directly? The reason I say that is this is often the best way of fixing tricky install problems. I had a similar problem myself recently and SAS Tech Support pretty much spotted the problem straight away after WebExing in because they know what to look for. I suggest you ask them to do this as they have drawn a blank so far.


On the community we are flying blind on your problem because we don't know all of the circumstances that have led up to your problem. We can only give you our best guesses.


At what point did the install process fail? It sounds like you were able to select 64-bit SAS 9.4 (??) for installation - what happened after that? Also there must be something different about the installs on your colleagues PCs that worked. Is there another PC around to try a test install on as this might help you pinpoint where yours is failing. 

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Re: Base SAS is not available to install

Good day, Doriana.


I am sorry to see that you are having problems installing SAS.  SAS Technical Support is the correct resource for you.  I contacted you directly and privately through the community with instructions on how to engage Technical Support.  My offer to you is if you can provide me with your SAS Tracking number, I will ensure that this issue is resolved promptly and to your satisfaction.


Kind regards,


SAS Technical Support Engineering Manager

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